New Decade, New Mode

Have you ever woken up in the morning, wiped your eyes and thought, “Huh. Something feels different.”? Although you may not be able to put your finger on what exactly that difference is, you feel a little fresher. For me, today is one of those days. As mind would scan through what causes the change (as a means to record it for later reference), the flood of elements, factors and potential choice variables in recent memory flash through. But the heart’s message is simple. Just be.

2019 and, let’s face it: the whole decade has been tumultuous. Full of necessary shaking up, waking up, even for some, breaking up. Making space for the newness has not been a pretty picture, but we are still here. Mystic Dub has experienced all of this and yet the music resides.

The challenges have brought me to the edges of willingness: to maintain the ability to love in response, regardless of impacts of painful human relation; to return to the delight of adventure, discovery and the love of my own life. This is, I believe what it means to love oneself. To honor the light, energy, Spirit The Most High has breathed into us, One, all living. In doing this, there is plenty of room for everyone, myself included, to practice peaceful consciousness, do what their innate talents inspire, and exist in virtuous strength.

Let’s manifest community that both nurtures and depends on each one being at/in their own personal strength in a way that also honors everyone else being at/in their own personal level of wisdom and virtue. Mystic Dub music is an exploration of that space, I feel. What would it take to get us from here to there? From where we are to where we want to be? In my own personal experiences can I glean the gems of blessings in the lessons by choosing to see why this or that HAD to happen?

So, if it all had to happen, and I have processed as much of that as necessary (making peace with – not shoving away – as much discomfort as one can decide to sort through), I am now at the current moment. Here. Right here. Right NOW. Breathe.

Look around. There’s choice. What now? Choose your mode; wisely.

Music is like qi gong to me, in that when you are in the pocket, it is as if you are floating. Effortless, exploratory observation is, as it were, the location. While you are participating in it, it just is. While it is coming through you, it is also around you, outside you, and on multiple inward realms music is sensed. I have felt healthier walking a little slower with more awareness of my feet touching the ground. Adjusting my speech and feeling what reverberates when I finish a sentence or thought out loud or “in-loud” is a practice I intend to stick with. Ah, the newness is a beautiful place to be. It is refreshing when, once in a while, I naturally choose an uplifting outcome and express this.

I am really very excited, but have also reached a place of peace about the upcoming album being completed to officially release in 2020. “International Bird” sounds so sweet, friends. I can hardly wait to share it with you. 2008 was the last time I got to share with you a droplet of the quality of music I have in my heart. There is so much, there are so many songs. I give thanks for the Blessed Stream from Whom all inspiration and Love flows YAH!

Mystic Dub is in the Lab

Thank you to all the friends and fans of Mystic Dub since 2005! As we look to engage in more music than ever in 2020, we invite you to continue to share this musical journey with us. Roots Reggae, Inspired Dancehall, in a rhythmic swirl of flavors from around the world. Mystic Dub is still here, refining and rising! Book Mystic Dub today for a memorable, transcendental live music experience! All Love